Must haves to Stock Up for 2 Bedroom Flat in Mohali

So, you’ve finally decided to move into a 2 bedroom flat in Mohali with a roommate. This will not only save you money by not living alone but living with a roommate can be a rewarding experience too. When it comes to 2 bedroom flat in Mohali, here is a handy list of most practical items that can give you the comfortable and stress-free living.

Take a gander at this list of things essential for 2 bedroom flat in Mohali

Silverware and Dishes

As you’ll be sharing your room with another person, having enough silverware is necessary to bring to the new place. Apart from utensils and kitchen items, dish soap, sponges, blender, small area rug, trash etc. can come in handy. Keep some extra pots and pans so that if you’re both cooking, there will be a good amount of supplies to be used.

Bathroom Supplies

Unless the set up is different – like in SBP Group projects, where you have 2 bathrooms, you don’t need to be afraid of sharing things. But if you don’t have that choice, you’ve to split your bathroom supplies that you both will be using on a daily basis. For example, you can buy towels, toothbrush holder while your roommate gets the necessary supplies such as toilet brush, toilet paper, and bath mat. Or else, you can also divide the costs of all these items evenly.

Entertainment Rack

Here is a fun option that two of you can split. When it comes to movie and video games collection, you and your roommate will most likely join the forces. You never know when you’ll have guest over who wants to play some music or games. And perhaps you’ll also like to display this great collection proudly in your living room. For it, buy the perfect entertainment rack or center for you.

Extra Set of Keys

It’s good to have a spare set of keys if you’re living with a roommate. There may be a possibility that you both have different in and out timings. So to stay away from any inconvenience and keep the extra keys with you.

Bedding and Lighting

Of course, bedding is a necessity. And if you don’t want to have a terrible experience while sleeping on an air mattress, buy a decent mattress. You and your roommate can even share your bedding. But, it’s a must have, because if you aren’t sleeping well, you probably won’t do any work next day. Next, there should be good lighting in your rooms. So find at least a couple of good lamps.

While you’ll obviously have more things, furniture, welcome mat, small broom, extension cords, etc. These items are always good to stock up if you’re moving into a new 2 bedroom flats in Mohali. Do you know any other items that you’ve found beneficial while living with a roommate?

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