5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Floor Plan

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a home, you now have the difficult task of choosing a floor plan that will suit your family lifestyle and desires. Be it a size or shape, or the location of adjacent rooms, selection of a floor can make or break your experience. This may seem overwhelming. So, to help you out, here are some questions that you should ask yourself before picking any floor plan.

Will it Fit Your Family & Lifestyle?

Living needs and family lifestyles vary from individuals and families relying on their stages, cycles and future plans. Every family may not feel comfortable in a small two bedroom flat and every family may not need a large living room. Choosing a floor plan first should start with how big a home will suit your lifestyle. Will 3 BHK flat in Derabassi able to accommodate your expanding family size or 2 BHK will be enough if you’re living alone? So, the size of your home should be your foremost sight.

Have You Weighed the Pros & Cons of Your Floor Plan?

Every floor plan will always have some pros and cons. So you need to gauge your priorities and think about the things you can learn to live with or without. A small living room window that doesn’t let in sufficient amount of natural light may also make your lighting bills higher. If you’ve any hobbies or special interests, a plan that doesn’t have any additional space or rooms to enjoy could make it hard to live your life to the fullest. Therefore, understand the pros and cons of the floor plans you choose.

Will the Floor Plan Accommodate Your Furnishings & Aesthetics?

When planning room sizes, consider how seating area and furniture placement will complement the overall feel of the room. Measure your current furniture to see if there will be enough walking space around furniture and clearance for doors to swing. Determine if it offers adequate wall space and areas for art and personal effects.

Do You Know Your Budgetary Limits?

Before you set your heart on one type of floor plan, get a realistic idea of the costs associated with the layout. To have the basic idea about the look of the house and the floor plan, you can see the builder’s brochures. You should only choose the plan that doesn’t exceed your budgetary limits. While a smaller space will be unable to accommodate a big family with lots of possessions. On the other hand, a larger space with extra spaces will create a burden on your pocket as their maintenance will add to your monthly operating expenses.

Does This Floor Plan Offer Something That You Don’t Have Now?

Always look beyond the obvious to know how the floor plan will fit and enhance your lifestyle. Some of the easy answers might involve good storage, more bedrooms and bathrooms, or adequate space for entertainment. May be the new floor plan will offer full fledged space for family activities that are missing in your existing floor plan. Your new floor plan might accommodate most of the things you’ve always wanted.

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