7 DIY Home Decor Ideas you can use on Weekends

Any simple and easy DIY home decor ideas with a little creativity can make your home warm and refreshing. And you can make the most of your weekend with these DIY home decor ideas that are not only impressive but are also easy to make. So, you should never underestimate the power of weekend makeover when you can enhance your interiors. From laying a simple rag rug to illuminating the dinner table with pendant lights, here are some DIY home decor ideas to inspire you to make the most of your free time. If you want something really meaningful, then let the inspiration juices flow with this roundup of DIY decorating ideas to use in your free time.

Sumptuous Rag Rug

This is a simple and inexpensive decorating idea to try your hands on. Basically, you’ve to use numerous strips of fabric and cut them about 1 inches x 5 inches and just stitch these strips into an anti-skid rug mat. You don’t even need to tie these strips. Leftover scraps or fabrics from your discarded clothes can be utilized to make this simple rag rug. Such kind of rag rug can be tailored to meet the decor of any room.

Whipping Your Own Wall Art

Do you know your wall can be easily decorated using leftover yarn? You don’t need to waste your money on fiber wall art because yarns with the right size or color can help you get perfect fringed wall art. To make it, you’ll need a wooden dowel and scissor to cut it of any size. Take yarn of 5 or 6 different colors and tie each yarn strand around dowel/pipe and push it to the side once you’re done.

Whimsical Ribbon Chandelier

To make an adorable ribbon chandelier, you need wire and satin ribbons. Wrap one ribbon with a 12-inch wreath to cover the surface of the round form on which you’re going to tie ribbons of mixed shades of your chosen color. You can cut these ribbons as per your desired length. But neither keep them too short or too long. Finally, create a pattern by knotting cut pieces of ribbon around the wreath at their mid points. You can hang it using three smaller cut ribbons tied to your dining room’s chandelier. You could even keep it or remove it for as much time as you want.

Reclaimed Wood Buffet or Cabinet

As the name suggests, wood buffet requires a wood. But don’t worry you don’t even need to spend a single penny if you can ask for a scrap from a local pallet maker. Once you have the wood panels, just screw and stain them with wood stain. Don’t forget to measure the panels and cut the panel to appropriate size. Also, keep the measurement scale and clamp to tighten the panel to the doors. You need at least 4 screws per panel from the back of the door. The result you’ll get is gonna blow your mind away. You can even use this amazing wooden cabinet in your kitchen. It can add a great beauty to your existing kitchen decor. This beautiful storage piece will keep all the clutter in place in your kitchen at flats in Mohali.

Illuminating Pendant Lights

To make pendant lights, you need a set of trio nesting bowls that will look cute while sitting on your shelf. With the help of tin snips, cut a hole in the base of the bowl Insert the end of the light chord to make it attach to the bulb through the hole. At the end of the chord, screw the bulb into the other end of the chord and then connect with a power source and hang. This DIY idea will not only accessorize your shelf, but will illuminate your dining table as well. And the best part is, you can do it yourself it within an hour.

Gold Treatment to Dresser’s Hardware

Adding a Midas touch to your hardware and fixtures is really a cheap way to freshen up your space. Gold decor accents like drawer and cabinet pulls are one of the best interior design ideas which are a rage in 2017. Avoid using messy spray paint to give your hardware a glam makeover.

Painted Twig Bouquet

The painted twig bouquet is surely an unexpected home decor idea for fall and your kids can also do it. This slightly painted twig bouquet will need some stray twigs, paint brush and acrylic paint. Always paint the twig with white first before adding any other colors. Skipping this step may make the lighter colors look dull. Adding stripes, patterns and dots create the unique display and an adorable bouquet.

These 7 DIY home decor ideas will make a world of difference. These ideas are quick, easy and inexpensive to spruce up every nook and corner of your home. What you all need is a little creativity while working on these ideas.

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