The Complete Griha Pravesh Guide for Your New SBP Flat

When you build a new home or move into a new SBP flat, the first thing you are generally particular about are auspicious days and performing Griha Pravesh. Let us see the significance behind this house warming ceremony and what should you do to make it a perfect one.

What is the significance of Griha Pravesh

When it comes to investing a property or moving to a new flat, Indian homeowners consider a home the place where a dwelling is a shrine itself. They believe that Griha Pravesh should take place on an auspicious day that determined by astrological charts after going through almanac. Since all the living spaces are filled with unseen entities, it is necessary to purify the place and make it ready for occupation. In fact, it is not only important not just for the owner but for the entire family as well. This holy custom is also done to keep the evil forces away from a new home.

Which days are most favorable for Griha Pravesh?

People envisage that shifting a new flat or home during an auspicious time makes life free of any hurdles after entering into the new house. The most favorable days for performing this holistic occasion are Dussehra, Akshaya Tritiya and Vasant Panchami. The rest you can do after consulting a priest. Whereas, days such as Uttarayana, Shraddha Paksha, Holi, Adhikmas should be avoided. The month of Kartik and Margshirsh provides moderate results.

A Kalash Pooja is usually formed before Griha Pravesh. To perform this ritual, a copper pot is filled with water and nine kinds of grains and coins places in it. Also, a coconut is placed on the top of the pot.

What are some advanced preparations for Griha Pravesh Puja?

1. The main entry point is a door for prosperity and good fortune. So, you should decorate it with symbols like a swastika and Laxmi feet.

2. A toran (originated from the Sanskrit word ‘torana’ means a sacred thread or gateway) made up of fresh marigold flowers and mango leaves should be hung on the doorway.

3. The temple in the house should be fixed in the north-east zone on the day of the ceremony.

Whether the puja is simple or elaborate, a havan is conducted for a Ganesh Puja also known as Vaastu Shanti or Navagraha Shanti. This puja is performed to worship and invoke the gods and nine planets.

What are the tips for entering a new home?

1.  Place the idols in an east or west of the prayer room. Do not keep idols against the wall.
2. Always put your right foot first when you enter into a new home.
3. Clean the house thoroughly before puja and sprinkle the holy water with mango leaves to purify the home.
4. You must offer the feast to priests.
5. Decorate the floor with rangoli made of rice flour or vibrant colors. This invites goddesses Laxmi.

For a family, a new home is an adobe of happiness. Which always brings with it joy and bliss in a universe that is created just for you and your family. And SBP flat offer extravagant space or snug flats that play a great role in making such a ceremony memorable one.