5 Unique Ideas to Decorate Your Master Bedroom

When you’re hunting for that dream home or a luxury flat in Mohali, it’s easy to get caught up while continually adding to the wish list. With every family member chipping in with their own ideas, you may find it struggling to find a home that ticks all the boxes. But what’s the most important of all from your wish list? A room where you can unwind, relax after a hectic day in SBP Exotic Floors Mohali. A personal space where you can shut out the world and fall into a nice, deep sleep. It’s not hard to guess – of course, it’s your master bedroom.

It can seem overwhelming to come up with ideas that can help turn your master bedroom into a stylish boutique hotel that’s not only relaxing but luxurious as well. So here is a break down list, with one major element to inspire the rest of the room.

Opulent Bedhead Can Be The Hero

A feature bed showcasing beautiful bedhead can set the tone right and serve as the centerpiece for a master bedroom. Your bedroom may be inspired by any theme that reflects a luxe vibe room. Stunning lights, side table and a footstool bring the luxurious look together, while the opulent bedhead stands out to be the hero here.

Styling Around Your Artwork

A great artwork helps in creating the overall style and feel of the room. It should be hung at eye level. You can compliment the artwork with soft pink bed linen to create a cohesive and calming bedroom. Always get creative with colors and balance out the boldness with soft hues or reverse.

Bed Linen Is a Key Game Changer

You don’t need to match everything for the rest of the bedroom either. Try to play with the pattern and color clashes to give heightened visual impact. You can blend velvet and knits to add texture. A relaxed vibe room is one that you could sink right into. It should only be pleasing and cozy. Once you pimp out your bed with perfect bed linen, thrown in a pop of colors with the cushion to tie it all together.

Theme Based Styling With Rugs

Some people overlook the fact how much a right rug can depict the feel of your bedroom. Don’t afraid to use dark rugs if you’ve cleverly chosen it considering space and floor color. As the effect may be twofold – it could create both drama and space in your bedroom. The size of the rug holds equal importance to the rug selected. The over spill of rug around the bed is able to create the illusion of more space.

Curtains For Framing Your Bedroom

Always install ceiling mounted curtain tracks so that your curtains run from the ceiling right down to the floor. Thus, casting a very grand, boutique inspired look. Also, if you want to get a deep night’s sleep, investing in blackout curtains can be a good idea.

Have you recently moved into your dream home at SBP Exotic floors Mohali? And need to decorate your master bedroom? You could try, mix and match above bedroom decor ideas.

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