Flats in Mohali : The Pinnacle of Amenities and Social Infrastructure

This article is just written with the motive to highlight an array of evidence about the importance of social infrastructure and amenities in creating communities that flourish. New communities seek services and support, not just a house in which they they will live. So, you can say, the value of a home is not just based on construction quality and aesthetic beauty, but also on equally important or less visible types of support that are a symbolism of unparalleled infrastructure and amenities. And that’s all these flats in Mohali have for its residents.

The Impact of Lack of Social Infrastructure and Amenities

First, we’ll discuss how the lack of social infrastructure and amenities in any housing settlement affects the long-term satisfaction and well-being of its residents?

Key infrastructure and amenities that at the outset can seem relatively small may have far reaching consequences like the isolation and hassle to commute to major transport connections, educational institutions, retail outlets, health facilities, etc. Also, the absence of a club house or direct bus routes to connect people to nearby facilities and jobs create the problems for the social and economic well being of residents and opportunities of new advancements. These factors shape how inclusive, safe and tolerant new housing projects feel for its residents and have a resultant effect on local issues and services – like support for families, young and older people.

So, if the right mix of social infrastructure and amenities are not available to support new homeowners, that specific place can see a sharp fall consequently drawing long-term social ill effects and associated costs that outweigh any initial investment.

With that said, let’s move on to facilities in the neighborhood of flats in Mohali that boosts the property value:


Nurseries, primary schools and educational institutions play a distinct role in attracting families to settle in new residential developments. Some of the top educational institutes located in close proximity to SBP Exotic floors include Icon Kindergarten, Government Senior Secondary School, Rayat Bahra Group of Institutes, Doaba Group of Colleges and GGS College of Modern Technology. The close proximity to such major educational institutes definitely boosts the value of a home multiple times in the future.

Transport Connections

Why do people relocate to a new place? According to a research, housing and employment are found to be major factors behind the relocation. Thus, good transport connections are vital so that residents of the flats in Mohali are linked to work, shops and colleges and that’s where public and sustainable transport proves to be a key element of social infrastructure. Being strategically located on NH-21, Kharar-Kurali Highway, SBP Exotic Floors offers an easy accessibility to all public transport connections nearby Tricity.

Medical Facilities

Medical or health facilities basically consist of hospitals and smaller clinics. Health and well being has always been the prime concern of every individual and in recent times, we’ve been witnessing a rapid growth in health conscious generation. Gillco Valley Road, Omega Medi City and Fortis Hospital are only a few of the hospitals located close distance to flats in Mohali.

Retail Outlets

Close proximity to big retail outlets and shopping malls are what generally preferred by everyone today. No one wants to spend their precious time while commuting for their shopping needs. So, flats in Mohali comes to be the remedy for all the shopping related woes of its residents. These flats are situated very close to North Country Mall, G&A Fashion Studio, Citrus Mall and much more. These are one-of-a-kind shopping destinations as people now regardless of age keenly look forward to the properties lying close to big and popular retail centers.

SBP Group is known for its commitment and efficiency of providing luxurious and affordable residential spaces of various sizes including, 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Mohali. Being conveniently located near all the common destinations, SBP Exotic Floors has set the bar high for their residential projects to become a visual delight to its residents.

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