How To Safeguard Your Home During Gloomy Monsoon?

Monsoons might have reached its zenith, but some of you would be still looking for ways to fight with the monsoon mess up in your 2 BHK flat in Derabassi. From dampening walls, moist interiors to rampant power cuts and the flurry of mosquitoes and other kind of insects, there are endless problems that rain may cause to your home. With that said, here are some simple ways to protect your home from the threats of ongoing monsoon.

Drive Away Dampness

With the presence of excessive moisture in the air, wooden furniture tends to absorb moisture and smell. You can use oil to combat this issue. To protect hardwood floors from excess moisture, apply wax to it. Remove any carpets and seal them in plastic sheets, and if not, then vacuum them at least once a week so that there is no smell of dampness. Replace them with a bamboo mat or acrylic carpets. Also, see if all the gaps between the bathroom tiles are sealed and filled.

Check for Termite Infestation

Moist and humid atmosphere boost the growth of termites. Check if your furniture and wooden are properly polished so that no fungus builds up.

Water Leakages

Make sure none of your walls and ceilings have cracks which lead to any leakage. If you’re living right below the terrace, then make sure it is waterproof. For independent house owners, it might cost a generous amount, but if you live in a 2 BHK flat in Derabassi, the expenses or procedure is mostly taken care by the builder or a whole community. This procedure is worth the every penny spent because it’s going to protect your home from molds and mildews.

Ventilate Your Home Well

There should be enough ventilation in your home so that there is a free flow of fresh air coming to your home. To eradicate any chances of monsoon illness, use cross ventilation to heat up your home when there is less sun shines.

Free Your Home from Pests in Monsoon

To keep your home completely pets free, clear away all the waste and clutter with the help of door screens, window nets. Draw a chalk line on the ground to stop pests from entering your home. Having a tulsi plant and keeping a camphor inside the home helps to keep the insects at bay.

These are some ways that can help keep your home clean and safe in rainy days!

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