Flats in Derabassi – A Place that Let’s you Live Closer to your Work

Have you ever thought about the productive work hours you lose every day while commuting to your office or workplace? You may be having a hard time dealing with traffic jams, daily perils and risks that are unnecessarily draining your finances, energy and time. But, is there any solution to this severe issue? The remedy is, of course, to look for the office that is close to you. Well, that’s also another big problem. As with the ever-increasing property prices, it is getting extremely difficult for office goers to buy flats at the prominent location and enjoy having a home that is very close to their workplace. Due to economic reasons and with many residential projects coming up around the corner, it calls for a great deal to clinch for SBP flats in Derabassi. However, this is likely the best deal, but it takes a toll on health, career and overall outlook in life. Of the multiple reasons, why you should be living near your workplace, this post will give you five reasons on how it can be a win-win situation for office goers:

Greater flexibility in the daily schedule

Living near your workplace offers you greater flexibility in balancing your daily schedule. For instance, if you worked late night at the office or attended the long hours meeting, you don’t need to worry as the office will be a delightful stroll with sbp flats in Derabassi that is just a few minutes away. Even in case of an emergency, it gives you the flexibility to reach home quickly.

Reduction in expenses

Whether you’ve your own vehicle or use public transport, you splurge a lot of money in the mode of transport you use for commuting all the way from your home to office. Also, the fuel and maintenance expenses on the personal vehicle are significantly reduced. Be it a residential unit or an apartment close to your office, it allows you to save a huge amount of money per month and get that favorite thing you’ve always dreamed of.

Cut down on travel time

Residing near your workplace, cuts down on travel time, which also means that you won’t have to face hours of traffic in the mornings and evenings. Furthermore, you won’t arrive at office or work feeling stressed or frustrated. We all know that these are one of the major killers of time. In big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune, it is very common for people to spend about one to two hours in traffic congestion which counts up to 30-60 hours per month. Whereas if you live close to your office, you would end up saving at least 70-80 hours in a month.

Allows you to be more productive

With less travel time, you get more time to assign for personal pursuits. You’ve enough time for your passions and hobbies to make you more productive at the workplace. Many studies also suggest that involvement in creative activities uniquely soars performance-related outcomes. Also, being punctual at work will give you more time to be productive.

Although we’ve discussed the benefits above, still there is a question if residing in a home close to work, a good or bad idea? Don’t assume that there is an instant yes or no to this question as there are so many variables included in the move. So, how would one overcome this dilemma?

What you need to do is choose a location where you wish to relocate and also do the thorough comparison of the location where you live presently and the location where you would relocate.

Just follow the aspects mentioned below:

  • Calculate the monthly cost of housing in each area. It should consist of a number of things like rent, monthly mortgage payment, property taxes, etc.
  • The difference in travel time between the new and existing location you’re living in. How much you’ll end up saving each day?
  • What amenities or services will be accessible to you in the new housing?
  • Will this move make sense? Think like, if you’re going to work at your present job for a long or a short time.
  • Does that place have some good schools, it is important to check, especially if you’ve children.
  • Check other services in the area. What is the environment, crime and pollution rate like? Also, see the average employment or education rate in the new area.
  • Does new area have easy access to public transport links? Will it suit if you choose to use that instead of your own vehicle to travel?

For most of the people, these questions may not be enough and still, they will be unsure as there is an issue of investing money on non-monetary things. While for many, it boils down to a question of what free time is actually worth to you.

But, ultimately it’s you who have to decide what is important to you based on the factors that matter to you most. Don’t worry! You can possibly have the best of both the worlds if you choose to buy sbp flats in Derabassi by SBP Group that is not only strategically located at one of the prime locations but have all the luxurious facilities at affordable rates as well.

Housing Park SBP flats in Derabassi is situated on NH-22, Ambala-Zirakpur highway, and that’s what makes this place a spellbinding project with a powerful address, although it does have lots of other features that are little difficult to describe here. But, surely try to cover them in our other post!

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