Tips to Choose a New Location to Live in

You need to finalize the location before you start hunting for a flat. It could be one of the most important decisions of your life. So, a wrong decision will either make you repent with where you live or face the costs of moving again.

Why Finding a New Location for Flat is Difficult?

If you choose to move to a new home close to the place you already live, there is little to decide. But, in case you decide to move to a different part of the town, then choosing the area becomes difficult. You need time to get to know the location if you’re thinking to live there. And most of the problems will not be evident from just visiting the site.

Thereby, only a thorough research on individual areas and streets can ensure that you don’t do a mistake and confidently make the right decision.

Choose Only What You Can Afford

Firstly, you need to choose the location or area where you can afford to reside. If you want a flat that is close to key social infrastructures and neighborhood then don’t look at homes that are located far away from your desired destinations. Make a rough estimate of how much you can spend and then search online for websites that offer residential property. This can help you analyze of what you can get in your budget.

Flat price to earnings ratio is one of the best measures to gauge the affordability of an area. The areas that cost less tend to offer fewer earnings, which evens out the comparative affordability of housing around the town.

But sometimes, even within the similar areas, costs may vary hugely.

1. One end of the street might be cheaper than another.
2. One sector or phase might be more costly than on the other side of the border separating two areas.

Choose What Kind of Property Do You Need

1. Consider the least number of bedrooms you would prefer
2. Do you need the large drawing or living room?
3. On which floor you would like to live? The ground floor holds the highest price than other floors.
4. You might be able to buy the flat in a more popular area, but a whole house in the cheaper area.

Then spend most of your time surfing websites to check out if the areas you’re interested in have the kind of properties you want at a price you can afford.

Decide the Sort of Area You Want to Live in

There are several things you need to consider when choosing an area:

1. Do you have no issue while staying close to a rural area?
2. Do you want to live in a happening place, with lots of hustle and bustle?
3. Investigate the school, hospital, transport links and council tax rates.
4. How near you want to stay to your closed ones or family?
5. How much time will it take to commute to the work?
6. Don’t forget to check the crime rate in that area.
7. Are their recreational or fun places around? Sports, entertainment or eating outlets?

Spend Time to Experience the Feasibility of the Area

Invest your time to check the area you’re interested in. You’re probably going to spend years there:

1. How old or young, poor or affluent is the area?
2. Visit nearby parks, the pubs or shops.
3. Does the place suit you?
4. Also, check out the local transport to see what it is like in real life. Don’t rely on any other source.
5. What do the local people tell you?

What About Employment Opportunities?

If you’re already working somewhere else, then where will you work after relocation? Therefore, always make sure to leave room for career flexibility. Don’t move to town which has only one industry. Aspiring people may need access to big job markets and centers of employment.

There should be a work life balance so that you can spend more time with your family. All of which requires employment opportunities in close proximity to home.

Consider the Long Term Viewings

Take the long term view in consideration if you’re not planning to move in flat again after a short time.

1. Investing in a home is the biggest asset which easily outweighs your pension.
2. Choose only the place where you can visualize the growth after some time.
3. Affordable areas surrounded by expensive area are likely to see growth in their value unless there is a strong reason behind it. Such as chemical plants, industrial waste, bad housing, motorways, etc.
4. An area with a good value and decent transport links is a good bet.

Think About Your Kids

If you’ve kids or are planning to have them, then ensure you choose a place for flat that is child-friendly.

1. Is there ample playing space?
2. Is there modern creche inside the premises?
3. Energizing kids room is vital to your kid’s growth.
4. Proximity to good schools is important.
5. Check if there is a safe kids zone with the rubberized landing floor.

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