Wall Decor Ideas to Decorate your Flat in Mohali for Sale

Have you recently moved into a new flat in Mohali for sale? Once you have arranged everything exactly the way you want- placed your decorative accents, hung some attractive pieces of art and when you just sit back and relax, that sight of those big blank walls with unavoidable boring. And the boring wall shouts on you, I need decor!

Boring walls may drive you bonkers. As a boring or empty wall is like a canvas that may have lost an opportunity. So don’t make your walls look underwhelming, but try at least some of these innovative wall decor ideas that are perfect for those who want to be a DIY decorator, total trendsetter or a plant lover. Here is a round up of some attractive wall decor ideas, you just need to pick your favorites and make your walls look beautiful.

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If you want to be a DIY Decorator:

Create a Woven Wall Hanging

There is a sure resurgence of vintage-inspired flat in mohali for sale-weave textiles. So, you couldn’t be more happier than creating a custom wall hanging with the help of wooden handloom and different colors. When you can make your own, you don’t need to look out for a hefty chunk of change. For this, you require a wooden handloom, thin cotton yarn for the wrap, a few colors of yarn for the stripes, shed stick, tapestry needle, scissors, 15” wooden dowel and a stick shuttle.

Create a warp on the loom, which goes vertically with a horizontal weft. Tie the yarn on the very bottom and then string the yarn to the left peg and lastly, back down. Loop the white yarn up and down until the last peg is reached. You’ve to use the shed stick shuttle to make a tapestry by weaving. Wrap each color of the yarn around the stick shuttle and then make a shed using shed stick. Put shed stick under every other warp yarn in the opposite direction. Keep on creating sheds and threading yarn until you create your first stripe. And to switch the yarn color, leave the tail of yarn behind the tapestry. Continue weaving stripes until few inches are left from the top of the loom. Finish off the bottom by threading the loose end of your first color through the tapestry needle.

At the final peg of the bottom-left of the loom, thread the needle through the white loop of the warp. The final end of the first color is weaved through the back of the tapestry. Now, take your dowel and cut the first two warp threads off the loom and then hang this woven wall hanging on the wall.

If you want to be a total trendsetter:

Turn it Into a Piece of Art

Watercoloring masterpiece is a unique painting technique that can give that empty space a watercolor style makeover. This is a cool wall treatment that would peak from behind the fantastic. Just start with a solid wall that can create a perfect backdrop. You can choose the watercolors that are timeless and opulent. Water with a little paint in it will give the perfect watercolor look. At first, you should add the tinted water to your brush and place the brush at the top of the wall and then press the brush so that water flows out. It will create an overlapped and layered effect.

It’s an incredibly easy technique with a little mess, but since you’ll love it, It will not be difficult for you to manage that. So, with different paint colors mixing into each other, you can get that serene and an awesomely cool theme.

If you want to bring a space to life:

For those who want to grow up in their space, adding a living wall, green walls or vertical gardens can offer an energizing green space experience which provides all the benefits of nature. You need to choose the appropriate location first where you’re going to place your vertical garden. The location should be best suited to receive the maximum light. Depending on your choice, you may go for a built-in watering system. But if you prefer low maintenance, self-watering models could be the best option for you.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can even build your own frame that suits the space. It is not necessary to use only ornamental plants for your green wall. A vertical herb garden or vertical garden with tomatoes, peppers and other edible plants can also be included in your plant’s list. Coming to the maintenance, if you have a self-watering system, then less or no maintenance is required. But, if you wish to manually maintain your vertical garden, do not over water and take care of the micro-climate to help plants thrive well. Living walls can redefine the acoustics of a room.
The best part is, adding a living wall means bringing nature and greenery into your flat in Mohali for sale.

When it comes to wall decor, there are plenty of other ways that can be used make boring walls look beautiful. Hope the above wall decor ideas prove useful to you.

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