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At SBP, we are passionate about delivering quality projects that matches the future expectations of our prospect customers. In a short period of 11 years, the company has achieved a remarkable position in the real estate sector. Our chief focus always lies over crafting prominent structures that reflect comfort, durability, security, luxury and style, combined with innovative and state of the art technology. Being one of the leading housing companies, SBP Group possesses in-depth knowledge of the two prime real estate sectors i.e. residential and commercial. We always thrive for relentless pursuit of excellence, inspirational leadership in order to serve our clients in the best possible manner. The Group enjoys distinction of being the first builder in tricity (Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula) to have successfully delivered over 4500+ homes to our proud customers across various projects.

Organization Objectives

SBP Group will work towards following objectives.


We will always offer- our customers a chance to upgrade from rented accommodation to Home Ownership.


We will always – keep our customer at the centre of our growth and future plans.


We will always focus on-High Quality and Timely Deliverance.


We will always offer – Great Value for Money Projects.


We will always offer- Grand Lifestyle on Pocket Friendly Prices.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our customers starts much before the beginning of this relationship. Before we reach out to our customers we ensure that we give out our best in terms of quality, promises made on facilities, amenities and timely delivery. And we go all out to ensure that all this matchs up with the best and is at par with finest global standards. We give our 100% before we seek our customers to put their trust in us.

Building Sustainable Eco Systems

We have always believed in not only developing just the real estate but complete sustainable ecosystems. We develop all our projects to be ecologically sound and environment friendly with infrastructural provisions to micro manage adequate power, water, safety and green spaces.

We strive to provide our customers with spaces to fall in love with.

Welcome to Good Life

At SBP we don’t construct concrete blocks but homes that bring marvelous infrastructure, comfort, luxury and added security which compliments life.
Celebrate life with sprawling acres of refreshing greens, to fresh and cool breezes streaming inside and natural light that brightens up all corners of the apartments.

At SBP Group we always vouch to make life easier and more enjoyable.


A New Paradigm


Dreams are the first step towards the success of any business enterprise. Dreams push and drive people as well as organizations on the path of success.


It is only when you dream, you can build. Building is not only a piece of real estate. It also stands for building of trust, reputation and integrity. It requires years of hard-work, passion and staying on course without flinching an iota on the principles.


And it is when you build on a dream it leads you to a higher pedestal. A pedestal where you rise like a Phoenix and shine like a Pole star.


At SBP we Dream of fulfilling a million wishes and Build on trust of all our people, customers, stakeholders and associates to Rise together on a higher pedestal of success.

May God Help Us.