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The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, enacted by the Indian Union Government, is a landmark legislation aimed at safeguarding the rights of property buyers and fostering increased investment in the real estate sector.

Traditionally, property buyers have voiced concerns over the one-sided nature of real estate transactions, often heavily favoring developers. The advent of RERA, coupled with the model code of governance, strives to establish a level playing field for both property sellers and buyers. The ultimate goal of RERA is to simplify real estate transactions by introducing higher levels of accountability and transparency, provided that individual states do not water down the provisions and essence of the central act. RERA represents the inaugural regulatory framework for the Indian real estate industry, marking a significant milestone in its evolution.

Under the RERA Act, it is mandatory for each state and union territory to establish its own regulatory body and formulate the requisite rules and regulations governing its operations. Notably, all residential and commercial projects exceeding 500 square meters in size are obligated to register under RERA.

This initiative embodies a commitment to ensuring that project-specific RERA registration numbers are readily accessible to our website users, enabling them to easily locate the RERA numbers associated with SBP Group's various projects. We understand the significance of transparency and compliance with RERA regulations, and we are dedicated to making this information readily available to facilitate a smooth and informed real estate experience for our valued customers.

Sr. No. Projects RERA No
1 City of Dreams Zirakpur PBRERA-SAS79-PR0756
2 Housing Park Plots PBRERA-SAS79-PR0754
3 City of Dreams PBRERA-SAS80-PM0067
4 SBP Gardenia PBRERA-SAS80-PR0545
5 Housing Park PBRERA-SAS79-PR0096
6 City of Dreams - 115 PBRERA-SAS80-PM0069
7 City Gate Zirakpur PBRERA-SAS80-PC0163
8 Gateway of Dreams PBRERA-SAS79-PM0058
9 Ananda Floors-1 PBRERA-SAS79-PR0870


RERA, or the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, is a regulatory framework that aims to protect property buyers. It significantly impacts your property purchase with SBP Group by ensuring transparency, accountability, and fairness.

Opting for a property with an RERA registration from SBP Group ensures that your investment is protected by law, and you can expect greater transparency and adherence to project timelines.

You can easily locate the RERA registration numbers for SBP Group's projects on their official website or by contacting their customer support.

Investing in an SBP Group project with RERA compliance offers you legal protection, transparency, and a secure investment, as it ensures adherence to RERA regulations.

RERA registration is crucial for property buyers with SBP Group as it guarantees that the project follows legal guidelines, protecting your rights as a buyer.

You can verify the authenticity of SBP Group's RERA registration numbers by checking the official RERA website or contacting the relevant authorities.

If an SBP Group project is not registered under RERA, it may be non-compliant with the law, which can lead to legal implications and potential risks for both developers and buyers.

Not all projects may be registered under RERA. To confirm the RERA status of a specific SBP Group project, you should visit the official SBP Group website or inquire with their customer support.

If you encounter issues with an SBP Group project registered under RERA, you have the legal recourse to address grievances through the appropriate RERA authority.

RERA plays a significant role in enhancing the credibility of SBP Group by ensuring that their projects adhere to transparent and accountable practices, thereby building trust with property buyers.

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